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Step 1: Launch your apparel

Use our Online Designer
to create an amazing design
in minutes. Your t-shirt will
go on to our online store.

Step 2: Set a sales goal

Tell us the minimum no.
of buyers you think you can get
and by when. We give you your
base price. You decide
your selling price.

Step 3: Publicise your campaign!

We'll notify you upon every
purchase. Cross your goal before
your campaign end date and
we'll produce and ship
You keep the profit!

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The easiest way to Raise money for a group, a cause or yourself.

Launch your own tee - You publicise. We produce. YOU keep the profit.

Top Questions

What if I don't meet my goal?

No problem!
Your tees aren't produced and buyers are refunded in full. You pay nothing!

What if I sell more than my goal?

Awesome! Keep going till your campaign end date or choose to end your campaign end date early. You profit increases with every additional sale.

How does Jack of all Threads
make money?

Our small fee is included in the base price. We never take a percentage of the Raisers profit.


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  • I liked the tee! The print quality was awesome and very well made :)i really like the idea of contributing a part of the money to an NGO! its a new thing and speaks very well about the company producing the tees!
    Nina | RNSIT - Western Dance Crew | Buyer
  • The marketing view was thrilling :D and pitching it to others just added to the experience on the whole. My campaign exceeded expectations, and that's such an insane feeling .
    Shraddha | Scream RCB| Raiser
  • Oh it was chaotic! I didn't anticipate the number of things that could go wrong by starting a raise... there are a million things that can go wrong and in my case, a few did! But what made the experience worthwhile was the JOAT team. Who were ready to clear my doubts and queries in the middle of the night... Kudos to you guys! Raising was so much fun and I'd definitely want to do it again.
    Medha Seth| Raiser
  • It's a fresh concept, new to most of the people out here including me. Biggest plus of this for me personally, has been the fact that I have realized that I have good potential a marketing. This proved it :P Always interesting to interact with buyers from various backgrounds... And the fact that you make a quick buck while doing this is an incentive.
    Zaid Aleem| Raiser
  • Who doesn't enjoy making money? College students especially, could use this profits for their expenses
    Zaid Aleem| Raiser